Shamanic Spirit Portrait Package


Shamanic Spirit Portrait Package

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Have you ever wanted an individualized painting that brings your own inner magic to life?

Have you ever wanted a potent portrait of your own spirit, totem animals/plants/crystals, or otherworldly guides?

Now is your chance to commission Adrianne’s visionary abilities to do just that for you!

This is your opportunity to have a spiritualized commission experience with Adrianne: an artist who is fully devoted to the visionary quest of entering into relationship with your spirit world, and manifesting a piece of that world into form. Adrianne will create a personalized portrait for you based on a connection with your energy, soul, and spirit guides. Each piece is as varied as the individuals they are based on, and all receive the full devotion of Adrianne’s channelling, magic, skills, and focus.

This individualized and magical offering is broken down into 3 steps, and can take anywhere from 1-6 months:

1. Initial Interview - 60 minutes (Phone or Skype):
Adrianne connects with you, and offers you a questionnaire that will help her hone in on your spirit landscape. This is a starting point for tailoring her process for the rest of her portrait journey with you.

2. Spirit-guided Ceremony and Concept Phase - 60 minutes:
Adrianne enters into magical ceremony for the piece that she will be creating for you. It is here that she will communicate further with your spirit, soul, guides, and any animals/plants/crystal spirits that want to come forward, and she co-creates your portrait concept with their help.

3. Painting Phase -
Adrianne creates your painting.
This can be the most time consuming phase, depending on the size, medium, and complexity of composition. The medium options are oil painting, colored pencil drawing, or digital painting. Oil paintings and colored pencil drawings will always be executed on wood panels. Digital paintings will be both delivered in digital format, AND delivered physically as a giclee canvas print.

The final result is a one-of-a-kind portrait that will capture the energy and magic of your soul world like none other, and will be a “medicine piece” in your sacred space.

**Adrianne can also offer options such as inscriptions, framing arrangements, and any other alterations for additional fees.

*** Larger portrait packages can also be discussed. Contact Adrianne personally if you are interested in a size larger than 24x36

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