Officially Licensed Last Unicorn Tarot Deck

As a nerd, a mystic, and a fantasy artist, Adrianne was extremely excited to receive the invitation to add her artistic vision to Geekify Inc's officially licensed Last unicorn tarot deck. the deck features the art of 5 amazing fantasy artists, and adrianne is both the creative director and the designer of the deck's major arcana. After receiving 1,475% funding from fans all over the world, it seems that the marriage of the beloved fantasy film with the classic symbolism of the tarot has been long-awaited.


The Symbolism of the tarot has been merged beautifully with the story elements and visual style of the beloved film. This is any Unicorn lover's dream, and a vibrant addition to your deck collection. The artists have poured many hours into bringing you a deck that does not disappoint the fans of the classic film, nor the discriminating tarot reader.


The deck will feature a full 78-card, classic tarot layout. The artists featured are:
Adrianne Tamar Arachne - Major Arcana
Holly Dierdre Fedderman - Suit of Cups
Sara Fenton - Suit of Wands
Anika Burrel - Suit of Pentacles
Medusa Dollmaker/Adrianne Tamar Arachne
- Suit of Swords


as of January 2019… the decks are now finally arrived and almost ready for shipment!
See the video below for details:

The deck will be printed on beautiful glossy stock,
and will feature metallic gold foiling on each individual card.

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